A.M. McPhail Piano Co.

A.M. McPhail Co. Pianos History

One of the more simplistic company histories because of the continuity of ownership, A.M. McPhail Piano Company was established in 1837, by Andrew McPhail. Incorporated in 1891, McPhail pianos were producing pianos in Boston by 1860. By the 1920s, the production facility had relocated to a different part of Boston. [1]

Despite the onslaught of the Great Depression, McPhail pianos maintained their private ownership throughout the early 1900s and continued production until the 1950s. [2] In the 1930s, the McPhail name was taken over by Kohler-Brambach, which is why some McPhail grands from the 30s have Brambach serial numbers.

About McPhail Pianos 

Known for high-class craftsmanship with a price tag to match the quality, McPhail produced a smaller number of pianos compared to many manufacturers of its day. A.M. McPhail Piano Co. made several flagship piano variations and styles, both upright and grand. [3]

Focused on adjusting the fine details of his pianos’ designs to obtain a premium sound, McPhail was known as an early innovator in the industry. He made small but significant modifications to his pianos to achieve a superior tone. This was recognized by many, and McPhail pianos became a coveted, luxury piano brand in the early 1900s. 

Restoring an A.M. McPhail Piano  

Whether you’ve inherited or purchased an A.M. McPhail piano, the question to restore it or not comes immediately to mind. There are many considerations when weighing your options to restore a piano. For McPhail pianos produced in the late 1800s and early 1900s, the value can range. 

To learn about the value of your McPhail and the benefits of restoration, contact Lindeblad today!


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