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Caring for Fine Pianos - and Their Owners - Since 1920

Every person deserves a world-class experience when buying or restoring a piano. That’s why we’ve spent four generations building a family-owned company based on exceptional service and piano restorations of uncompromising quality.

Every person deserves a world-class experience when buying or restoring a piano. That’s why we’ve spent four generations building a family-owned company based on exceptional service and piano restorations of uncompromising quality.

A Heritage of Fine Craftsmanship

Lindeblad’s story begins when Axel Lindeblad left his home in Stockholm, Sweden, to move to the United States in 1906. A skilled musician, Axel went into business tuning and restoring pianos in 1920, working out of his Brooklyn home.

Axel’s son Edward continued his father’s legacy in the early 1950s when, after a stint working at Steinway, he moved to a family property in New Jersey and began restoring pianos there. In the early 1960s, his sons Paul and Eric learned the family trade.

Vintage photos of first and second generation Lindeblad craftsmen restoring pianos.

Today, Lindeblad thrives under the stewardship of the third and fourth generations, supported by a skilled team of 35 professionals. With over forty years of experience, Eric Lindeblad spearheads our action department with unmatched expertise. Each fourth-generation family member also plays a critical role in our success: Todd steers our strategic and customer service objectives, Sean elevates our customer experience and oversees quality control, Jon distinguishes himself in keybed and action restoration craftsmanship, and Peter excels as a keytop craftsman and stringing specialist.

In 2011, the Lindeblad family extended its musical legacy by opening the Lindeblad School of Music, where 32 faculty teach over 400 students each month.

Vintage photos of first and second generation Lindeblad craftsmen restoring pianos.
Paul Lindeblad
Third Generation Lindeblad
Wax seal with Lindeblad Piano Restoration's logo symbolizing care and professionalism.

Meet Our Team

Customer Service
Todd Lindeblad, co-owner and fourth-generation of Lindeblad Piano Restoration, smiling in a white shirt, symbolizing trusted customer service.
Todd Lindeblad
Fourth Generation Lindeblad
Matt Witte, Head of Piano Sales at Lindeblad, with a friendly expression, in a black Lindeblad branded polo, demonstrating professional customer service
Matt Witte
Head of Piano Sales
Our Family & Master Craftsmen
Eric Lindeblad, a senior craftsman with an apron, stands in a woodworking shop, representing the third generation of Lindeblad Piano Restoration.
Eric Lindeblad
Co-Owner & Action Master Craftsman
Third Generation Lindeblad
Pete Ribaudo, an experienced action master craftsman, smiles in a workshop with over 40 years of dedication to piano restoration
Pete Ribaudo
Action Master Craftsman
40+ Years Experience
Galo Torres, a soundboard master craftsman, wearing a gray Lindeblad shirt, with 30 years of Steinway factory experience.
Galo Torres
Soundboard Master Craftsman
Steinway Craftsman for 30 Years
Adams Romoleroux is a soundboard and pinblock craftsman at Lindeblad, and has five years of Steinway factory experience.
Adams Romoleroux
Soundboard and Pinblock Craftsman
Steinway Craftsman for 5 Years
Mohamed Kayume, Color Matching Master Craftsman, engaged in his craft of piano refinishing, with eight years of experience at Steinway before coming to Lindeblad
Mohamed Kayume
Color Matching Master Craftsman
Steinway Craftsman for 8 Years
Bobby Avey is an action master craftsman and chief concert technician. He's wearing a black Lindeblad shirt and is standing in a piano restoration workshop.
Bobby Avey
Action Master Craftsman and Chief Concert Technician
Peter Lindeblad, strings and keytop craftsman, fourth generation in the Lindeblad family business and is working on restringing a piano.
Peter Lindeblad
Strings and Keytop Craftsman
Fourth Generation Lindeblad
Jon Lindeblad, action regulation craftsman, engaged in rebuilding a piano action, representing the fourth generation of the Lindeblad legacy.
Jon Lindeblad
Action Regulation Craftsman
Fourth Generation Lindeblad
Sean Lindeblad, Director of Quality Control, continues the Lindeblad legacy in his fourth-generation role.
Sean Lindeblad
Director of Quality Control
Fourth Generation Lindeblad
Lindeblad Piano's team, with 25 craftsmen and 10 admin, together smiling around a piano, ready to serve families around the country

Our Team Includes 25 Craftsmen & Ten Admin

“Thank you for your interest in our family business, and for the opportunity to help you find your dream piano, or to restore your family’s cherished heirloom instrument. I look forward to meeting and serving you.”
Todd Lindeblad
Todd Lindeblad

Committed to Exceptional Service

Then, there’s Lindeblad’s dedication to highly personalized service, which includes our industry-leading warranties and money-back guarantee. It also extends to a sales process where customers often work extensively with the company’s owner to select their piano and shepherd it through the restoration process.

That owner learned the company’s obsessive approach to service in the same way that our action and finish teams earn their crafts—as an apprentice. Our company isn’t led by a hedge fund or a public corporation, but by a family—one that’s guided by the Golden Rule, treating others like we want to be treated. As Christians and followers of Jesus, the Lindeblad family is committed to showing love and care to our customers, suppliers, and employees.

“I learned early on that our success as a business comes as a result of providing a world-class experience in every aspect, from restoration to customer service. The experience—and the customer—is what comes first here, always”.
Todd Lindeblad | Owner

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Win a Steinway Grand Worth $50,000 &
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