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Found in the premiere concert venues of the world, the Steinway Concert Grand is the quintessential performance piano. Technically referred to as a Model D, the Steinway Concert Grand is a full 8 feet 11 ¾ inches long. This massive size accommodates a very large soundboard made from the finest Alaskan Sitka Spruce capable of projecting the powerful and rich sound for which Steinway is known. The Model D was first produced in 1884 and, barring a few technical improvements, has remained much the same ever since. The vast majority of concert grands are produced in either the Traditional or Victorian styles.

Preeminent Size & Power

Technical Steinway model name:
Model D
First designed and built by Steinway:
Size of Steinway Concert Grand:
8 feet 113/4 inches long
Most common styles:
Traditional & Victorian
Ideal for:
Concert halls and large spaces
Before and after restoration

A Century of Experience

At Lindeblad, we specialize in breathing new life into these impressive and often historically significant instruments. Due to the physical size of Steinway Concert Grands, they tend to require more attention and care than smaller pianos. When brought to us for restoration, Model D's often require more significant repair than their smaller counterparts. For a century Lindeblad craftsmen have used genuine Steinway parts and traditional methods to restore these treasured pianos. Learn more about our Steinway restoration process here.

Carefully Considered

1888 Victorian Model D Fully-restored

When shopping for a Model D, it is particularly important to select a piano that has been properly maintained or restored. Although the flagship for Steinway, the Model D represents only 5% of the manufacturer's production. Many of the available concert grands are in a state of disrepair or have been subjected to a substandard restoration. Explore our inventory of beautiful pianos here. If you do not find exactly what you are looking for, our team of buyers will locate it.

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S M O L A A3 B C D

Satisfied Customers

Whether searching for a distinctive piano to fill a unique performance space, or restoring the ultimate family heirloom, only Lindeblad Piano Restoration has the experience and expertise to provide a completely customized restoration that will allow your Steinway to tell its story for generations to come. Learn more about a Lindeblad Steinway Restoration here.

wolfeboro friends of Music

Wolfeboro Friends of Music

Wolfeboro, NH | 1919 Steinway D

In our search for our perfect piano, one of the first things I did was go to the Lindeblad testimonials. And that gave me a strong feeling that Lindeblad was a very personal organization and that they really cared about the pianos. As soon as we walked into the Lindeblad studio, Todd was there to welcome us. He really made us feel comfortable. And then we met Paul. Both of them together, whatever questions we had, they seemed to have good answers for them. What I felt was that their work in the shop is always done at the highest level, and that they don't cut any corners.
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