White Glove Piano Movers & Storage

Lindeblad offers first-rate piano moving services near you

We understand the anxiety many piano owners have about moving their pianos. No matter the distance, piano moving and shipping can be a complicated process.

At Lindeblad, we have the equipment and expertise required to safely move pianos.

Our Piano Moving Service Area

At Lindeblad, our team of piano movers provides reliable and dependable piano moving to clients throughout the East Coast metro corridor, including New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Boston, Philadelphia, and Washington D.C. Piano moving is an integral part of our core business: the acquisition and restoration of premium, hand-crafted pianos.

We also offer long distance moving and climate-controlled shipping services.

Piano Moving Expertise & Equipment

We use specialized equipment and trucks for moving pianos in confined environments, allowing us to manage tight alleyways, city traffic and flights of stairs. Our state-of-the-art piano moving equipment, like our Piano Lift, special piano dollies, tilting equipment, etc., ensures we move pianos without the risk of damage. With our outfitted piano moving trucks and professional team of movers, we provide a turnkey moving service to our customers. At Lindeblad, we’ve invested in top-of-the-line equipment to make moving pianos quicker, easier and safer, while removing the hassle and improving the experience for our customers.

Extensive consideration, care and attention to detail characterize everything we do at Lindeblad. This is no different with our piano moving services for our clients and local piano owners. We have the necessary insurance, equipment and expertise to handle even the trickiest piano moving jobs near you.

A Fully-Insured Moving Service

Many customers assume that piano moving services provide full liability insurance to cover damages to your piano and home and even personnel injuries during the moving process. However, the reality is often quite different. Many piano movers have insufficient coverage to offset any costly damages - sadly, these are often the movers that need it most.

At Lindeblad, we offer $300,000 combined cargo insurance and $3,000,000 of liability insurance. This is premium coverage that puts our customers at complete ease from the beginning to the end of the moving process. Providing a white glove piano moving service to our customers means we have the comprehensive insurance to assume the risk and responsibility.

Climate-Controlled Storage for Pianos

We encounter many clients that need temporary piano storage during the process of moving their piano to and from its final destination. To minimize the number of times a piano is moved between locations, sometimes storing is the best option. At Lindeblad, we meet this need with our climate-controlled storage facility. Our warehouse is designed to keep pianos at the perfect temperature and humidity for minimal disruption to the piano. We work with you to determine if piano storage will help make the piano moving process easier and safer for your piano.


So if you're wondering, "who is the best piano mover near me?" look no further. Our white glove piano moving services ensure the safe, climate controlled transportation of your piano.