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World-class restoration of a world-class piano.

Trusted by Thousands of Steinway Owners

Professionals from all over the world trust Lindeblad Professionals from all over the world trust Lindeblad

100-Year Family Business

World-class piano restoration is our family’s legacy. You can trust us with your family piano.

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Professional, coast-to-coast delivery to and from your home.


We know Steinways because we’ve built them. Our team boasts 50 years of Steinway factory experience. Piano restoration hand tools of different varieties

Down to the finest detail– a partner you can trust to restore your Steinway.

With its team of highly trained Steinway specialists, a network of top Steinway parts suppliers, and a first-class restoration facility, Lindeblad is one of just a few companies in the world capable of truly premium Steinway restoration
2,000 steinway Customers We’ve restored and sold more than 2,000 Steinways
300 years Our 25 craftsmen have more than 300 years’ experience, including more than 50 years’ experience working at Steinway
370+ Five-Star Reviews More than 370 five-star Google reviews, with an overall five-star rating
Steinway-trained Every Lindeblad department includes at least one Steinway-trained craftsman within our 25k square-foot factory
Premium Parts Premium parts purchased directly from Steinway and its suppliers
Lindeblad specializes in Steinway piano restoration and repair

What should you do with a Steinway in disrepair?

Owning a beautiful, vintage Steinway piano should feel like an honor and privilege. But what should you do with a Steinway that’s fallen into disrepair? It’s the elephant in the room— except instead of an elephant it’s a grand piano, which is roughly the same size.

Lindeblad has helped thousands of families decide the best path forward. Yours can be next.

Lindeblad specializes in Steinway piano restoration and repair

100 Years of Craftsmanship & Service

We’re a century-old family business that has restored thousands of Steinway pianos, so we’re well equipped to help you sort through the many variables that impact whether restoration makes sense for your instrument.
We offer unparalleled craftsmanship and restoration experience, restoring over one hundred Steinways each year.

Steinway Craftsmanship

The premium hardwoods, wet sand-casted harps, and precision workmanship behind an early 20th century Steinway are unsurpassed, especially in the modern era of mass production and paper-thin veneers glued onto pressboard.

At Lindeblad, we believe that a proper restoration of a vintage Steinway must follow in that same tradition. Accordingly, every aspect of a Lindeblad restoration is completed by hand—no automation, no heavy machinery, and we can tell you exactly which craftsmen worked on each aspect of your Steinway’s restoration. Our master craftsmen have been practicing their artistry for decades, restoring more than 2,000 Steinways.

Master craftsman with decades of experience, precise part dimensions, and quality part materials are what make a Steinway authentic.

Stein-was? Not with Lindeblad

How can you trust that Lindeblad is capable of restoring your Steinway to its full glory? It’s an important question because it’s true that poor craftsmanship or inferior parts can harm a previously great piano. And considering Steinway’s claim that a Steinway piano isn’t authentic unless they restore it themselves at their facility in Iowa, it’s natural to feel nervous.

Lindeblad’s Steinway restorations are of unmatched quality compared to anyone else. We debunk the myth that only Steinway can restore Steinways and explain our process in our Steinway Buyer’s Guide, or over the phone ––just give us a call at 888-587-4266.

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Peace of Mind with Lindeblad

We take the risk out of a big decision.
100-Year Legacy
Expert craftsmen from our fourth-generation family business will ensure your family piano receives the care it deserves.
Obligation-Free Evaluation
If approved, our team will pick up your piano and bring it to our facility to be evaluated by our craftsmen. If you decide not to proceed with restoration, we’ll return your piano at no cost.
Warranteed work
Trust your piano’s longevity with our industry-leading 5–20 year warranties.
Free piano shipping
Remove the stress of piano transportation with our free and professional piano delivery services anywhere in the nation.
Post Delivery Check-in
After your piano arrives, we’ll pay for a professional piano technician to tune and inspect your piano to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Complimentary piano on loan
We’ll send you a grand piano to play while your heirloom piano is being restored—at no additional cost.

Your Restoration

How we breathe new life into your heirloom Steinway piano
Steinway grand piano restored and refinished to showcase it's exotic wood-tone cabinet.

1. Advise

Customized advice from the heirloom piano restoration experts
Video thumbnail for step one of the Lindeblad Piano restoration process: The Discovery
Tell us about your instrument—the model, history, age and condition—and we’ll walk you through the possibilities for restoration, including how our dedicated moving company can bring your piano to and from our restoration facility from anywhere in the country.

2. Restore

Your family piano is transformed by our world-class team
Video thumbnail of the second step in the Lindeblad restoration process: The Restoration
Once we select the best restoration solution for your needs, our team of master craftsmen will restore it with love and care, as well as extraordinary skill and expertise.

3. Enjoy

Fall in love again with the touch and tone of a family treasure
Video thumbnail of the third step in the Lindeblad restoration process: The Delivery.
What will you play first? A signature flourish from one of the old masters? A piece you learned as a child on this very piano? One of your grandmother’s favorites? You’ll feel instantly that your heirloom piano has been reborn and is ready to inspire another generation.

Revive & Renew Your Steinway's Legacy

You only get one chance to breathe new life into a Steinway that has delighted your family for generations, and can do so for generations to come. Your family piano, expertly restored, can serve as a source of inspiration, pride and connection whenever you walk into the room or sit down to play.

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Yes, even there.

We'll arrange safe, round-trip shipping for your piano no matter where in the world you live—and if you’re in the continental U.S., there’s no charge for the service.

Frequently Asked Questions


Is my piano worth restoring?

Whether it is a well-known brand or not, any piano can be restored. The decision often comes down to the subjective value you place on your piano and the amount of money it will take to restore it, versus the cost to purchase a different piano that already meets your requirements.

We recommend that you think about how much money you want to spend on restoring your piano, then list exactly what you would like to improve about your piano. For instance, do you want the cabinet refinished or any of the mechanical parts improved? One of our friendly piano experts would be happy to give you a quote on the restoration work so that you can decide if your piano is worth restoring.

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Vintage vs. New

Are vintage pianos better than newer pianos?

Among high end brands, such as Steinway, there are qualitative differences in how pianos are made. Different materials and production techniques are employed during manufacturing. Subjectively, many people prefer the sound of restored vintage high end pianos over new high end models, but both enjoy excellent build quality. Typically the style and price will be the deciding factors in choosing between these options.

With second tier piano brands, a restored piano is often the better choice. A hand-made vintage era (early 20th century) Mason & Hamlin, Chickering, or Knabe piano that has been fully restored will be of significantly higher quality than any mass produced piano on the market today, and cost about the same amount of money.


Who handles the shipping?

We handle all of the shipping logistics for your piano restoration or purchase. Through our network of specially trained piano movers, we coordinate the pickup and delivery of pianos all over the world, every day. Additionally, once delivered we will have your piano tuned by a local professional.

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How long does a restoration take?

A full piano restoration typically takes about 3 to 4 months to complete. If you need one done faster, please contact one of our friendly piano experts who can help see if we will be able to accomodate your timeline.

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What parts do you use when restoring a piano?

We use only the world's finest parts. We typically offer parts from the original manufacturer like Steinway New York, Steinway Hamburg, Bosendorfer, and Mason & Hamlin, but we will taylor the restoration to your requirements. If alternate parts will serve your needs better, we are happy to use them.

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Do you replace soundboards?

Yes. Our soundboards are hand-crafted to original specifications using traditional methods. We use the same Alaskan Sitka Spruce from the same suppliers as Steinway.

Thanks to the quality of wood and hand craftsmanship that was used in the making of early century pianos, many soundboards we encounter are still in excellent condition, or need only minor cosmetic repairs.

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What is your warranty?

All of our pianos have a five-year soundboard warranty and a twenty-year warranty on all parts we've replaced or certified. We provide a written warranty specific for each customer so that you have the chance to examine the terms in detail.

Piano Loan

Can you provide a loaner piano while mine is being restored?

Yes. Speak with one of our friendly piano experts for details.

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I am selling my piano, should I restore it first?

We do not recommend that you restore a piano to improve its saleability. Unlike a home remodeling project that often results in appreciation above the cost of the renovation, a piano restoration typically adds value to a piano equal to the cost of the renovation. Instead, we recommend you sell the piano as is and allow the buyer to restore the piano to their specifications.

It’s time for your Steinway’s next act.

Your journey starts with a video call or other meeting where a Lindeblad expert will learn about your heirloom piano and discuss your restoration options. We’ll also walk through our warranty and financing options so you can be confident that your restoration will end in success.

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