Hammond Piano Company

Hammond Piano Company History 

Often thought to be connected with Hammond Organ company, the Hammond pianos were produced by Straube Piano Company at their factory in Hammond, Indiana. Established in 1878, the Straube Piano Company made Straube, Hammond, Gilmore and Woodward pianos and also made reed organs. They later became a division of the Continental Music Company. [1]

Hammond pianos started as the Hammond Piano Company until Straube took majority ownership of the company and continued production of the pianos under their company name. The Hammond pianos were marketed as a more affordable, medium-grade alternative to other select Straube pianos sold in the early 1900s. [2]

About Hammond Pianos

Made in the same factory as the Straube and Gilmore pianos, the Hammond pianos had many similarities in style and tone. In 1905, Straube introduced Style 21 and 23 of the Hammond upright pianos. Later also releasing a player piano, the Hammond Piano Co., owned and operated by Straube Piano Company, offered customers a range of styles and case designs.

The Straube piano company patented a pendulum valve in their player piano actions called the Artronome Player Actions which reduced corrosion and friction-related issues common with player pianos. [3] Because of the reliability of their player pianos, both Hammond pianos and all other Straube player pianos earned a positive reputation in the industry. Some early-century Straube and Hammond player pianos can be found today still in working condition.

Restoring a Hammond Piano

Because of the unique nature of the Hammond Piano Company ownership, many of their pianos are misassigned historical value. The Hammond pianos found today that were produced by Straube Piano Company are worth anywhere between ###-####. At Lindeblad, we restore early-American pianos like Hammond pianos to a value of ###-####.

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