The Starck Piano History

Founded in 1891 by P.A. Stark in Chicago, the Starck Company was one of the early American, quality piano brands that persisted until the middle of the 20th century. In 1920, the firm was managed by Sark’s son. [1] 

The firm produced many different pianos and sold them under the following brand names: Starck, P.A. Starck, Starck & Starck, Starckette, Combinette, Kenmore, and Brent. [2] 

Despite the onset of the Great Depression, which forced many companies to go out of business, the Starck Piano Company survived and remained privately-held and family-run. By 1956, Stark started building pianos with the Jesse French Piano Company. The firm went out of business in 1965. [3]

About Starck Pianos

Starck Piano manufactured a comprehensive line of uprights, baby grands, and player pianos. In fact, the Starck reproducing piano was award-winning for its quality and construction.  Many pianists have endorsed it and particularly preferred the sound of the Starck grand. [1] However, the Starck company also made uprights, players, and all other styles except for grands until 1939 when they began production because of the increasing demand. [2] [3]

Restoring a Starck Piano

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