Nothing has a larger impact on a piano's sound and tone than the soundboard.

We use the same premier wood from the same supplier as Steinway New York and Steinway Hamburg for our custom-made soundboards. We select the choicest of Alaskan Sitka Spruce, the ideal wood for soundboards, because of its unparalleled stiffness-to-weight ratio which amplifies the sound without affecting the frequency. We then cure that wood to the precise moisture content specified by Steinway for each component of the soundboard.

Same Craftsmen


Developing the knowledge and techniques to hand-craft a premium soundboard requires impeccable training and decades of practice. There are only a handful of master craftsmen in the world who meet the high standards we demand for the restoration and crafting of our custom soundboards. Galo Torres, our senior soundboard craftsman, worked for 3 decades making and installing soundboards at the Steinway & Sons factory in New York. He has dedicated his life to becoming the preeminent person in his trade, restoring thousands of soundboards for the most discerning customers, and we are proud to have him leading our soundboard team.

For nearly 120 years Steinway crafted their soundboards by hand.

Our soundboard master-craftsmen adhere to those original hand-crafted standards. Each one of our soundboards is carefully hand-cut, sculpted, and sanded to reveal its musical potential. Each is perfectly matched to the unique dimensions of its piano cabinet.


Each and every piano cabinet is unique and different.

Steinway does not sell or provide soundboards because each one must be custom fit to the exact dimensions of the piano cabinet. Lindeblad master-craftsmen have the time and experience to custom shape each soundboard to the manufacturer’s specifications, tapering it from the crown to the rim. Because of this, we guarantee a soundboard that matches an early century Steinway in resonance and projection.


We closely inspect the soundboard of every piano we restore.

Thanks to the quality of wood and hand craftsmanship that was used in the making of early century pianos, some soundboards we encounter are still in excellent condition. We simply give them a thorough cleaning and move on to the remainder of the restoration.

In many cases our inspection reveals small cosmetic cracks in a soundboard that is otherwise still in excellent condition. In these situations, our craftsmen will carefully remove, repair and refinish the original manufacturer’s soundboard.

There are times when the soundboard is damaged beyond repair or the crown of the soundboard has flattened out over time. In these cases, our master-craftsmen apply their unparalleled skills to create a premium custom-tailored soundboard.


5 Year Warranty

Not only do we believe in the quality and craftsmanship of our soundboards, we stand behind them by matching Steinway's 5 year soundboard warranty.