Four Generations of Personal Service

For over a century the Lindeblad family has custom tailored the restoration of the world’s finest pianos. The secret to our longevity is simple:

Lindeblad Van

We specialize in the restoration and sale of Steinway and other high quality grand and upright pianos.

Our Master Craftsmen

Restoring pianos to their original glory lies at the core of what we do. With over 20 craftspeople and 300 years of combined experience, craftsmanship is an essential part of what makes Lindeblad Piano what it is.

The Legacy of Lindeblad Craftsmanship

Being a third-generation Lindeblad, Eric has been learning the art of piano restoration his entire life. With over 40 years of craftsman experience, Eric is a master rebuilder with a specialty in action assembly and regulation.

The Art of Color Matching

With over 8 years of experience working for Steinway and over 20 years total as a refinisher, Mohamed is one of few people who can use color to take a piano with multiple wood types, and transform it into one, unified piece of art.

Bringing Back the Sound

With over 30 years of experience as Steinway's soundboard craftsmen, Galo Torres reveals how the Steinway tradition of craftsmanship is changing, and how he is passing on the Steinway method to Adams Romoleroux.

The Craft of Piano Moving

We move pianos nationwide - wherever you may live. Meet some of our world-class piano movers and discover what it takes to deliver a piano from us to you safely.

The Craft of Touch & Sound

Meet Bobby, our Chief Concert Technician. In this video, Bobby reveals how he overcomes the challenges that hinder pianos from achieving their fullest potential.


Jon Lindeblad

Jon Lindeblad

Fourth Generation Lindeblad
  • Keybed Restoration Craftsman
  • Action Restoration Craftsman
Pete Lindeblad

Peter Lindeblad

Fourth Generation Lindeblad
  • Keytop Craftsman
  • Stringing Specialist


Lindeblad Family Pictures

Axel Lindeblad, the family patriarch, was 25 when he left Stockholm, Sweden and immigrated to the United States in 1906. He had a passion for music and was an accomplished player on most stringed instruments.

In 1920, pursuing his love of music, Axel started our business out of his home in Brooklyn, New York, tuning and repairing pianos until 1956. In the early 1930's, he purchased property in Randolph, New Jersey as a family vacation spot for the summer months.

Axel's son, Ed Lindeblad, followed his father's footsteps in the piano business during his teenage years. In 1951, Ed moved to the property in Randolph that his father had purchased. During the early 1950's, Ed worked for Steinway & Sons and he started restoring pianos independently at a facility in Dover, New Jersey, in 1954. Almost ten years later, Ed built a restoration shop at the home in Randolph and it was here that his two sons, Paul and Eric, learned the family business.

Lindeblad Family Pictures

Third generation sons Paul and Eric Lindeblad currently manage the restoration department. Paul is responsible for the well-being of all pianos during the restoration process. When Lindeblad restores your piano, Paul is your point of contact, guiding you through the process of tailoring the restoration then keeping you updated on our progress.

The fourth generation of the Lindeblad family, Paul's son Todd and Eric's sons Peter and Jon, work full time in the family business. Peter and Jon work closely with their father in the restoration department. Todd is the company's strategic and customer service lead, focusing his time managing and maintaining our quality of service and customer relationships.

The Lindeblad family has provided exceptional service restoring pianos for over a century. We are proud of the long tradition of craftsmanship and service that runs through our blood. Each day our team comes together, passionate about continuing the work of our ancestors. We look forward to the opportunity to share our passion with you.

Lindeblad is proud to be a supporter of music and the arts. We are an active part of the community at large and give back to organizations such as the Philadephia Fans of Classical Music and groups of all kinds.