W.P. Haines

W. P. Haines & Company Piano History

W. P. Haines & Company (distinct from Haines Brothers) was a New York City piano manufacturing firm first located on Walton Avenue and 138th Street. The company was established by William P. Haines in 1898 and incorporated two generations later in 1910 by Haines’ grandson, the president of the firm, T. Linton Floyd-Jones. High volume manufacturing capabilities allowed them to build instruments for other companies in addition to their own instruments.

Robert Loud, a prominent piano dealer from Buffalo, NY had pianos made by W. P. Haines & Co. for two decades. W. P. Haines & Co. took control of Bradbury Piano Company production, which explains why Bradbury Pianos from 1920 to 1930 have W. P. Haines & Co. serial numbers. Webster Piano Company had a similar fate to Bradbury as it’s piano production was also controlled by W. P. Haines & Co. in the twenties.

When the Great Depression hit, W. P. Haines & Co. could no longer manage the business like before and made the difficult decision to join the larger Winter Piano Company, which used the W. P. Haines brand name until 1950. [1,2]

W. P. Haines & Co. Piano Information

W. P. Haines & Co. pianos were known to be good quality instruments. They had a full line of upright pianos, baby grand pianos, and player pianos. W. P. Haines & Co. upright and player piano serial numbers date from 1899 to 1949, and their grand pianos have serial numbers from 1923 to 1929. [2]

The Value of a Restored W. P. Haines

Older W. P. Haines pianos are going to have less value today simply due to depreciation over time; however, the condition still plays a large factor in determining any piano’s worth.  A W. P. Haines & Co. piano built pre-1930 will likely be valued around $500 after proper tuning. Pianos built after 1930 may have slightly higher value at $1,000 - $2,000. Contact Lindeblad for specific information regarding your piano and it’s restoration. 


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