Williams Piano & Organ Co.

History of the Williams Piano & Organ Co.

Unlike many of the early-American piano companies that started out also producing organs which led to an eventual focus shift to solely producing pianos, the Williams Piano & Organ Co. continued the production of their original flagship product throughout the duration of their company's existence.

Started in 1855, The Williams Piano & Organ began with the company name of the JW Williams Company. They incorporated in 1899 under Williams Piano and build a factory in Chicago. After the historic Chicago fire, the company built an impressive new six-story fireproof facility in 1875. The firm went out of business in the wake of the Great Depression by 1932. [1]

About Williams Piano & Organ Co. Pianos

Williams Piano sold their instruments solely via mail order, and their factory was state of the art. They made Epworth, Williams & Son, and Pennington pianos, along with reed organs [1].

It was said that Mr. Williams “produced a piano that spontaneously responds to the varying moods of the musician… this characteristic or quality can only be found in pianos produced from an artistic rather than commercial point of view”. [2] For this reason, the Williams pianos and organs were known for its quality and durability for years to come after the company had closed up shop.

Restoring a Williams Piano & Organ Co. Piano

While Lindeblad does not restore reed organs, we have trusted partners in our network who do. We would love to refer you! To begin the restoration process for your Williams piano, contact Lindeblad for a consultation with our experts today.


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