The History of Wellington Pianos

Wellington was a line of pianos produced by The Cable Piano Company in New York City. Wellington pianos were produced for many decades from about 1885 until around 1953. [1] 

About Wellington Pianos

The Cable Company produced the Wellington line as a more budget-friendly option for those that could not afford some of their higher-end brands; however, Wellington instruments were still superior in quality and well made.

With beautiful cases matched by an attractive tone, these instruments possessed the rare quality of being affordable, but also durable and masterfully built. Because of their quality and great value, Wellington pianos were in high demand for many years, both domestically and internationally. [2]

Restoring a Wellington Piano

Since Wellington pianos were so well made, there are many instruments still around today that merit restoration. Prices for an unrestored Wellington piano are unremarkable, but restored instruments can sell for $12,000 - $18,000 on today’s market. Truly a value for any serious musician!

If you have a Wellington and would like to begin the restoration process, please contact Lindeblad today. We would love to walk with you through the process of bringing your beloved piano back to life!


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