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The Sterling History

Sterling Piano was established in 1871 in Derby, Connecticut by Charles Sterling, who had originally bought the Birmingham Organ Co. They only made organs initially; then the company incorporated and began to build pianos in 1885. They made Mendelssohn, Huntington, Goetz & Co., Lohmann, and Richardson pianos. They also controlled Huntington Piano and their instruments were later made by Winter. They later became part of the piano behemoth Aeolian, and the Sterling name was produced until the 1960s [1].

About Sterling Pianos

The pianos of this era were high quality and thought to rival many other prominent builders at that time. Although Sterling manufactured grand pianos, it was mainly well known for high-end uprights marketed as the Cabinet Grand Pianos. [2] Some Sterling pianos may have Melodigrand serial numbers on the 64-note pianos.

Company literature described the construction of the pianos as: “…made with a full iron frame covering the entire wrest plank, giving perfect solidity and firmness. The sounding boards are from carefully selected spruce, no soft pine of any other material being allowed to enter into this important part of the instrument. The backs are built up very strongly, and the instruments are constructed with every regard for durability. The scales used are the most perfect and thoroughly tested and thoroughly even throughout, and the tone produced in the Sterling is noted for its long sustained or singing quality.” [3]

Restoring a Sterling Piano

The Sterling pianos are one of the early American piano brands to be adopted and used inside the home by new piano pupils and avid learners. If you have a Sterling piano, Lindeblad can help you determine the value and whether it is a smart investment to consider restoration. To restore a Sterling piano to its full glory, call Lindeblad today and start the process with one of our experts.


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