Sebastian Sommer

The History of Sebastian Sommer Pianos

The Sebastian Sommer Piano Company was established around 1897 in New York. There is precious little information available about Sebastian Sommer instruments, likely owing to the fact that so few instruments were produced. [1] 

About Sebastian Sommer Pianos

 The Sebastian Sommer Piano Company produced upright pianos that were used in many school and church settings. Sommer instruments produced even tone, and were very durable and well made (an imperative quality when used almost exclusively in such public settings). [2] 

Restoring a Sebastian Sommer Piano

Although exceedingly rare, Sebastian Sommer instruments are not worth much today. An unrestored instrument that is in decent condition usually sells for less than $1,000, while a fully restored instrument might fetch $10,000 - $12,000. Depending on how much work the restoration requires, it might not make financial sense to bring a Sommer back to life; however, many choose to restore their Sommer’s for sentimental reasons. Owning a Sebastian Sommer means owning a rare sliver of American piano history. Contact Lindeblad today to learn more about restoring your Sommer or other antique pianos. 


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