The History of Schaeffer Pianos

The Schaeffer Piano Manufacturing Company was established by William Schaeffer in New York in 1873. In 1888, the company moved to Chicago, Illinois, another American piano manufacturing hub. Schaeffer specialized in the wholesale of pianos until the late 1920s, when the company was acquired by W.F. Fredericks Music House. Several years later, piano giant Price and Temple took control of W.F. Fredericks Music House, and the Schaeffer name. Production of Schaeffer pianos ceased in 1931, due to the Great Depression. [1]

About Schaeffer Pianos

Schaeffer pianos were instruments of superior quality that possessed beautiful tone. Held in high regard by the musical community, Schaeffer pianos won honors at the Paris Exposition and were sold by some of the largest piano dealers in America. [2]

Restoring a Schaeffer Piano

It greatly depends on the quality of the instrument, as to whether or not it makes financial sense to restore a Schaeffer. Some upright models can fetch as much as $16,000 when fully restored, so it is certainly worth looking into. Lindeblad’s experts can assess your Schaeffer piano and determine how much a full restoration would cost, as well as how much your fully restored piano would be worth. Contact us today to get the process of restoring your antique piano started. 


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