Milton Piano Company History

Milton Piano Company was one of the dozens of piano manufacturing companies in the city of New York during the peak of piano production in the United States. John Milton established his company in 1892 at 542-48 W. 36th St. and had his pianos built in a large, up to date factory at 626-630 West 51st St., New York.  [1,2] 

More on Milton Pianos

Milton pianos were built as high-quality instruments and continued to be well made even after Kohler and Campbell bought the company in 1907. The quality dropped significantly, however, in the late 1930s. Kohler and Campbell introduced a small grand piano under the Milton name that was manufactured for more than half a century. Production of Milton pianos stopped in the late 1950s, but the name has resurfaced with a factory located in China.

Milton built player and non-player pianos in both upright and grand styles. The Chinese Milton Piano Co., Ltd. has no affiliations with the original company and is not considered a quality instrument. [1,3]

Milton Piano Value

The sentimental and entertainment values are the real values in question when considering whether to restore a vintage Milton piano. The monetary value of any Milton piano depends largely on the condition that it is currently in.

Milton pianos do not tend to have high resale value but are great restoration projects due to their vintage look and feel. If you have an old Milton in your care and are considering restoration please contact Lindeblad today. [4]


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