Marshall & Wendell

The History of Marshall & Wendell Pianos

Established in Albany, New York in 1836. The firm began as Marshall & Traver in 1836, and the name was changed to Marshall, James & Traver in 1855. Around 1870, James & Traver left the firm and Mr. Wendell was admitted as partner. In 1900, the firm moved headquarters from Albany to Rochester, New York. [1] [2]

After the turn-of-the-century, Marshall & Wendell instruments continued to be considered top quality and extremely durable. Many of their pianos were installed with the “AMPICO” player system and had elaborate case designs. The firm was absorbed into the Aeolian-American Corporation in the Great Depression era, and Marshall & Wendell pianos continued to be manufactured until the mid-1950s. [1] [2] 

About Marshall & Wendell Pianos

The pianos manufactured by Marshall & Wendell were recognized globally for their quality and won awards at the Pan American in 1901, Seattle-Yukon in 1909, the Panama Pacific Exposition at San Francisco, and the great exposition held at Rio de Janeiro to celebrate the hundredth anniversary of the independence of the Brazilian Republic. [3]

Marshall & Wendell made uprights, grands, and the Ampico player system that helped to usher in the rise of player system popularity at the turn of the century. Marshall & Wendell built several lines of the square, grand, and upright pianos, all of superior quality. The firm also built a series of square grand pianos under the ‘Parlor Gem’ brand name as well as a line of upright pianos under the “Little Gem” and “Boudoir Gem” brand names during the late 19th Century era. [1] [2]

Restoring a Marshall & Wendell Piano

We receive a lot of requests about the value of an unrestored piano. If you own a Marshall & Wendell piano, chances are the unrestored value would greatly increase after a restoration to the original, pristine condition of the piano. Call Lindeblad today for a free consultation with our piano experts.


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