Kohler & Chase

Kohler & Chase History 

When Andrew Kohler moved out to San Francisco, California in January of 1850 he brought with him a diverse collection of musical instruments. He began selling them out of a small rented building, effectively starting the first music store in San Francisco. The new business was a success, and with growing sales, Kohler decided to partner with his nephew, Quincy A. Chase. Together Kohler and Chase introduced music stores in other cities in California and collected large assortments of instruments to be sold.

After Andrew Kohler died in 1886, Quincy A. Chase continued to expand the prospering company, and in 1906 George Q. Chase, son of Quincy Chase, took leadership as president of the incorporation, thus continuing the family tradition of selling musical instruments. [1]

About Kohler & Chase Pianos

Pianos with Kohler and Chase serial numbers range from the year 1895 to 1957. Kohler and Chase outsourced the manufacturing of the instruments sold in their stores. Although they were a west coast company, they had their pianos made in New York by a few different manufacturers. Their vertical pianos were made by the Ernest Gabler Piano Company, grand pianos were built by Jacob Doll & Sons, and their top of the line Andrew Kohler piano was made by Wellsmore Piano Company. [2]

Restore your Kohler & Chase: Yes or No?

Kohler and Chase sold pianos varying in quality, so the value of your piano depends largely on the style and current condition as well as tone production. Contact Lindeblad for more information on the value of your piano and the cost of potential restorations. 


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