Jacob Brothers

The Jacob Brothers Piano Company History

In 1878, Jacob Brothers was established in New York and Boston, where they sold pianos manufactured by Peek & Sons Piano Company until 1905. After 1905, Jacob Brothers established factories in Massachusetts and sold their pianos both retail and wholesale. 

They made pianos for several other well-known American companies, such as Euterpe, James & Holstrom, Nilson & Co., Opera Piano Company, Peek & Sons, and Premier Piano Company. After 1946, the manufacturing of Jacob Brothers pianos was taken over by the Mathushek Piano Company, and there is no mention of them after about 1955, when it is possible that they went out of business or were acquired. [1]

While the production of pianos was a primary focus of the company’s business, they were also known for starting one of the only American piano case factories, where the cases and exterior elements of pianos were pre-made and shipped to other manufacturers. [2]

About Jacob Brothers Pianos

Jacob Brothers pianos are durable and good quality instruments, which include pianos and player pianos. They received an award at the World Columbian Exposition, in 1893, and have been the recipient of many other awards [1].

Some of the notable models that Jacob Brothers pianos were famous for in their day include Euterpe, James & Holmstrom, Nilson 7 Co., Opera, Peek & Son, and Premier. The serial number of Jacob Brothers pianos are Peek & Sons factory numbers. 

Restoring a Jacob Brothers Piano

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