H.W. Pearlman

The History of H.W. Perlman Pianos

The H.W. Perlman piano company was started by Harry W. Perlman in 1898. The company’s factory was located in New York City [1] and produced a small number of pianos throughout the early 1900’s. [2] Although their company history was a shorter one, they rose in popularity quickly at the turn of the century.

The National Piano Corporation of New York, who also produced Shoninger, Mansfield, Newby and Evans pianos, took over the company sometime in the 1930’s. [3] 

About H.W. Perlman Pianos

Perhaps one of the more interesting facts about Perlman pianos is that many were custom fabricated to fit the buyer’s specific décor tastes. Since they produced pianos on such a small scale, this was a service that the Perlman company could easily offer. 

Perlman’s have an excellent tonal quality and are also durable instruments; likely owing to the fact that so few instruments were produced. Many grand and upright H.W. Perlman pianos are still in use today. [4]

Restoring an H.W. Perlman Piano

Because so few H.W. Perlman pianos were made, and due to their superior quality, fully restored instruments can sell for as much as $25,000. They are certainly a piano worth restoring! Contact Lindeblad today for all of your piano restorations needs and questions.  


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