Howard Pianos Company

Howard Pianos History

Established in 1895, the Howard Piano company began as a piano manufacturer in Cincinnati, Ohio. Often confused with R.S. Howard pianos, the Howard Piano Company was a subsidiary of Baldwin Piano Co. In 1959, Baldwin began making in-home organs with the “Howard” name. [1]

By 1960, many of the grand pianos were made by Kawai and later Samick. When Gibson Guitar purchased the Baldwin Piano Co., the Howard name was also acquired and used for some pianos produced after 2001. 

About Howard Piano Company

The Howard piano name was used on a variety of different styles produced Baldwin Piano Company and Gibson Guitar pianos. Many of the early Howard pianos prior to 1959, were assigned the name “Acrosonic” pianos. 

The serial numbers for Howard pianos manufactured from 1959-1968 were for vertical pianos made in the Conway, Arkansas factory for Baldwin pianos. The Howard pianos were offered as a more affordable option to some of the expensive and higher-end Baldwin pianos. Still known as a reliable and durable piano, many Howard pianos can be found in relatively good condition today. [2]

Restoring a Howard Piano

Determining whether a piano is worth restoring can be a difficult decision. Many Howard pianos were middle-tier pianos in their heyday in the mid-1900s. To determine whether your Howard piano will increase in value if restored by Lindeblad Pianos, contact us today. 

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