Hazelton Brothers

The History of Hazelton Brothers Pianos

Brothers Henry and Frederick Hazelton founded Hazelton Brothers in 1849. Their factory was located in New York City – a hotbed for piano production in the 1800’s and 1900’s. Originally, the company was called F. & H. Hazelton (for the two founding brothers), but when their younger brother, John, joined the company, they changed the name. 

In the early 1900’s, Samuel Hazelton and his son, Halsey, took over the company after its founder died. Hazelton Brothers were one of the few piano firms that managed to survive the Great Depression; a testament to their quality and popularity. Pianos bearing the Hazelton name were produced until 1957 when the piano giant Kohler and Campbell took control of the company and the Hazelton name disappeared. [1]

When the Samick Company of Korea purchased Kohler and Campbell, they began to once again make pianos bearing the Hazelton name. 

About Hazelton Brothers Pianos

Hazelton Brothers are one of America’s oldest piano manufacturers and have produced some of the most famous pianos in this country. Hazelton square grands, grands, uprights, and player pianos are all known for their reliability and durability. Many instruments have stood the test of time and can still be found in good working order today. [2]

Restoring a Hazelton Brother Piano

Hazelton’s are truly a piece of American history and are a testament to the endurance of superior craftsmanship. Because of this, many instruments are certainly worth restoring. Square grands can sell for $35,000 and up, and grands are sometimes valued even higher. Lindeblad would be proud to discuss restoring your piano. Contact us today to begin restoring your treasure!


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