Hardman & Hardman Peck Company

The History of Hardman & Harman Peck Company Pianos

Established in 1842 by Hugh Hardman in New York, the Hardman Piano company built an early reputation for their style of piano. [1] Joined by his brother John and partner Leopold Peck in 1874, Hugh Hardman retired in 1879, and the company name changed to Hardman & Peck in 1890. Acquiring several patents for their piano designs, including a foot-powered player piano in an upright frame, the Hardman & Peck pianos were preferred by many, including the Metropolitan Opera Company and Franklin D. Roosevelt in the early 20th century. [2]

In 1951, Hardman & Peck was purchased by Winter & Company, and not even a decade later, Aeolian Corporation acquired the company and continued production of the Hardman brand pianos until the 1980s. In 1990, Hardman & Peck Company pianos were brought back into production by North American Music Inc. made by Beijing Hsinghai Piano Group. The pianos are now modeled after Kawai styles and imported from Asia.

About Hardman & Peck Pianos 

Hardman & Peck pianos were known for their quality and durability. Many of the artistic cases are still admired today. Producing a variety of sizes and styles as well as both acoustic and player pianos, Hardman & Peck pianos are still seen in New York public schools and studios today. [3]

Several of the piano names produced by Hardman & Peck pianos included Autotone, Harrington, ensel, Minipiano, playotone, Standard, Hardman Autotone, and the Hardman Duo Player. Today, Hardman & Peck pianos remain a quality, affordable option produced under the Kawai brand.

Restoring a Hardman & Peck Piano

Most Hardman & Peck pianos have an unrestored value range between  ### and ####. Depending on the quality of the original facade and functionality of the piano, the restored value can increase to anywhere between  ### and ####. 

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