Francis Bacon

Francis Bacon History

Francis Bacon Piano Company has a long and varied history dating all the way back to 1789. John Jacob Astor established the firm, and over thirty years after it’s origination brought on Robert Stodart and William Dubois. Various men joined and retired from the company in its first forty years or so, including Francis Bacon and Thomas Raven, lending the name Raven & Bacon to the company brand from 1841 to 1871.

The company survived several generations of the Bacon family, and in 1904, the company was incorporated as Bacon Piano Company. Bacon Piano Company started doing business with Kohler and Campbell in the early 1900s, and by 1933, Bacon Piano had been completely integrated into the larger corporation of Kohler and Campbell, which is why some Bacon pianos have Kohler and Campbell serial numbers. [1]

About Francis Bacon Pianos

The New York-based company manufactured and sold a wide variety of piano styles, including uprights, grands, player pianos, electric expression pianos, and reproducing pianos. Bacon pianos have many decades of experience in their production and were highly desired for their excellence even in the early years of business.

The brand received several medals and awards for their pianos in the late 1800s to early 1900s, including the Philadelphia World’s Fair of 1876. Bacon Pianos were known to be moderately priced. [2] 

Restoring a Francis Bacon Piano

Restoring any piano depends largely on the maker, age, and condition. Earlier Bacon pianos had better quality than the ones built in later years, but they may need more reparations due to their age. The old upright pianos associated with Kohler and Campbell are likely to have a lower value because the US market is constantly flooded by them.

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