Ellington Piano History

The Ellington Piano Company was established in 1893 and controlled by Baldwin, one of the most widely recognized names in the piano industry. They were discontinued around 1930, and Gibson Guitars acquired the Ellington name in 2001 along with other brand names when they purchased the Baldwin Piano and Organ Company. [1]

About Ellington Pianos

Ellington produced a variety of size and type pianos at the factory in Cincinnati, including grand pianos, uprights and player pianos. Ellington pianos were considered among the best values on the market in their heyday, especially with the brand recognition of Baldwin Pianos, the owning company. Because all Ellington pianos were subjected to rigorous testing at the factory, they were also known for their high quality. In particular, the Ellington Manualo rose to popularity for its excellent tone and technique combined. [2] 

Restoring an Ellington Piano

Restoring an Ellington piano is a decision that our team of experts at Lindeblad can help you make. We can assess the historical value of your unrestored Ellington and recommend whether to begin a restoration or not. Call us today!


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