Charles J. Holder

The History of Charles J. Holder Pianos

In 1834, Charles J. Holder founded his namesake company in New York City. [1] Interestingly, Albert Weber, of the Weber Piano Company, had an apprenticeship under Charles Holder, before he went on to found his company. [2] Unfortunately, little is known about this small piano company that likely disappeared sometime in the mid-to-late 1800’s, and much has been lost with the passage of time. 

About Charles J. Holder Pianos

By the few accounts that are available, Charles J. Holder’s pianos were quality instruments that won several awards and were held in high regard. The piano-forte (a precursor to today’s piano, that was popular in the early 1800’s) produced by Charles’ company, even won a silver medal for being the best in its class at the American Institute in New York City. [3] 

Restoring a Charles J. Holder Piano

Because the company dissolved well over a century ago and did not make very many pianos, little is known about their value. If you happen to have a Charles J. Holder instrument, Lindeblad’s experts can help you determine its value, answer any questions you might have, and walk you through the restoration process. Contact Lindeblad today to discuss your piano restoration process and learn how we can bring music back into your life. 


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