Bush & Lane

Bush & Lane History 

Bush and Lane, originally named Victor Piano and Organ Company, was established in 1901 in Chicago, Illinois. Bush and Lane relocated in 1905 to Holland, Michigan where bigger and fully equipped factory and offices had been constructed. Through the use of their state of the art facilities and patented special features, such as unique player’s action, Bush and Lane steadily developed a reputable brand.

Cecilian, Victor, Paulus, and Farrand were all pianos that were backed by the Bush and Lane manufacturing expertise. Victor pianos have Bush and Lane serial numbers after 1901, and Cecilian pianos have Bush and Lane serial numbers after 1914, the year the Cecilian Player Action Company was bought out.

Although the original company concluded manufacturing in 1931, other companies capitalized on the reputation of the Bush and Lane name, placing it on their pianos in the early 1940s. For example, Weser Brothers used the name on their console pianos. [1]

About Bush and Lane Pianos

The Victor was Bush and Lane’s original product, and it was copyrighted and became the exclusive property of the company. Like all the Bush and Lane products, the Victor was constructed to be a highly durable and reliable instrument with pleasing sound qualities.

The Cecilian Pianos were also reputed to be versatile, easy to use, and indestructible because of a very advanced player mechanism. Furthermore, Bush and Lane pianos were known to pose a sweetness is tone quality that rivaled any other piano brand of its day. Thousands of Victors and Cecilians were sold by Bush and Lane, until the company went out of business during the Great Depression. Bush and Lane made the respectable decision to completely halt production of their pianos rather than selling the company to a bigger corporation and compromising on quality. [2]

Bush and Lane Restorations

Due to the Bush and Lane advanced player mechanisms, these pianos withstand the test of time and are often more durable than other pianos from the same era. These pianos set a standard that other piano companies aspired to match, and they are often comparable in quality to some of the finest piano brands of today.

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