Bush & Gerts

Bush & Gerts History

In 1885 William H. Bush, with his son William L. Bush and John Gerts, started W. H. Bush and Company in Rockford, Illinois. By 1890, the company had grown into a corporation with 20 times the capital and was renamed Bush & Gerts. In 1920, the factory and offices were moved to Chicago, Illinois where Bush & Gerts branded pianos were made until 1942 [1]. John Gerts was an artful piano maker due to his experience in Hamburg, Germany where he learned the skill from the prestigious piano maker, Otto Börs. [2]

William L. Bush made considerable efforts to prevent the sale of fraudulent or “stencil” pianos under the names of well-known piano manufacturers. Bush proposed that piano makers place their name and address in a conspicuous place on every piano, a practice that is still alive today. [2] 

About Bush & Gerts Pianos

Bush & Gerts Pianos were made by one of the great western innovators of the industry, John Gerts. Pianos made under the purview of John Gerts and his colleagues were meticulously built with the finest wood and labor in one of the largest and well-equipped factories of the era. Their high standard for excellence paid off with a reputation for constructing pianos with beautiful tone. [3]

Should you repair your Bush & Gerts piano?

If you are in possession of a Bush & Gerts piano you have a high-quality instrument indeed, and reparations are certainly worth considering, especially if your piano is in good condition. The high original purchase price for these pianos could increase the potential selling price today. Contact Lindeblad today if you have further questions about restoring a specific instrument. 


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