Brinkerhoff History

Brinkerhoff pianos were built during the heyday of piano manufacturing and sales in the United States. The company was established by Will T. Brinkerhoff in 1906 and incorporated in 1911 in Chicago, Illinois. Brinkerhoff made a variety of pianos including traditional uprights, player pianos, reproducing pianos, and miniature grands, which were sold to many satisfied customers all across the country until 1950. The company initially built Brinkerhoff and Schriver and Sons pianos out of its factory at Chicago Avenue and Morgan Street. Later pianos were built in affiliation with M. Schulz and Company and have Schulz serial numbers. 

More on Brinkerhoff Pianos

All Brinkerhoff pianos produced an exquisite tone and the case designs often displayed either highly ornamental or beautifully simple wooden features. Brinkerhoff’s player piano had special patented devices that allowed the piano to automatically express a musical piece as if the best artist in the world were playing. Brinkerhoff miniature grands are highly regarded by many piano experts to possess the tonal qualities of a larger grand even though they stand at 5 feet in length. 

Bringing a Brinkerhoff Back to Life

Brinkerhoff pianos, while technically antiques, can be rebuilt or refurbished to sound as good as new. A fully refurbished upright Brinkerhoff could value close to $2,000, and grands range from $800 to $3,000 depending on the condition. [3]

A finely tuned and reconditioned Brinkerhoff is a wonderful piano to behold because it combines the vintage look with an elegant sound. If you are considering piano restorations, Lindeblad is here to help. Contact Lindeblad us today!


[1] Pierce, W. Robert. Pierce Piano Atlas: Anniversary Edition, 2017 Our 70th Year. Albuquerque: Ashley, 2017. Print.