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Bradbury Piano History

The history of the Bradbury company takes many twists and turns. William Bradbury, a distinguished pianist and teacher, [1] was part of the Lighte, Newton & Bradbury Piano Company before he formed the Bradbury Piano Company in 1860s. 

The Bradbury firm was originally established in 1848 as Lighte & Newton, but in 1851 William Bradbury partnered with a group of peers to form the Lighte, Newton & Bradbury group. Only two years later, Newton left the partnership and the company was dissolved.

In 1861, William Bradbury independently formed the Bradbury Piano Company. After Bradbury’s death in 1867, Smith bought the business. [3] In 1865, F.C. Lighte went into partnership with Louis Ernest and they formed the Lighte & Ernest Piano Company, building very well-made pianos until about 1890.

About Bradbury Pianos

Bradbury pianos garnered a reputation for their high grade of manufacturing and materials. The scale used on all of the different Bradbury piano variations was recognized by experts as having a particular sweetness and power. 

After Bradbury died in 1867, the company was taken over by F.G. Smith. He continued to produce pianos for more until 1950 - he acquired the right to install the Artrio Angelus reproducing mechanisms and player action in his instruments [4].

The original Bradbury name was later controlled by W. P. Haines & of New York, with factories at Leominster, Massachusetts [3], and later pianos of the Bradbury name were used by Winter and Co into the late 20th century. 

Restoring a Bradbury Piano

Bradbury pianos hold their value extremely well. Call our experts at Lindeblad Pianos to start the process of restoring a Bradbury piano today.

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Win a Steinway Grand Worth $50,000 & $10,000 Cash

Win a Steinway Grand Worth $50,000 &
$10,000 Cash

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