The History of the Allison Piano

Started in England in 1837, The Allison Piano Company was one of the most reputable and well-known piano companies at the time. Despite being a British brand, the Allison pianos had gained trans-continental recognition for their unique tone and styles. [1]

The Allison piano factory was located at 50 New Bond Street, London. The company manufactured square grand, upright and grand pianos, which were the most highly-demanded piano types at the time. Especially when the square piano was still a front-runner style, the Allison piano brand boasted one of the best on the market. [1] [2]

The company had great success for over a century up until they were purchased by the Chappell Piano Company of England. Chappell continued to build the Allison brand name until about 1959. [1]

About Allison Pianos

Allison built grand, upright and square grand pianos with a solid tone reflecting the quality of materials used during construction [1]. The Allison piano frame styles, especially for the upright pianos, was very similar to the style used by Grotrian-Steinweg, another popular contemporary piano manufacturer. Heavily advertised at the time, there are still Allison pianos found in antique magazines and newspapers today. [3]

Restoring an Allison Piano

Allison pianos are made with high-quality materials and restoration can increase their value even more. Call Lindeblad today to get the process started with one of our experts.


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