Stroud Piano History

The Stroud Piano Company was established in New York and was later known as one of the many early-American companies that became a part of the Aeolian Corporation. Stroud pianos were mostly upright player pianos, labeled the “Stroud Pianola” for the Aeolian line. 

The Aeolian brand name was a relatively pricier piano, so the powerhouse Aeolian company leveraged the Stroud brand as an affordable alternative piano. Overall, it had similar quality and sound. 

The Stroud and other brand names by the Aeolian company were manufactured for a time by the Weber Piano and Pianola Company. [2] The Stroud name was no longer manufactured with the start of World War 2.

About Stroud Pianos

Stroud pianos and player pianos were well built, durable instruments. The Aeolian piano company produced relatively-average pianos at affordable prices. Perfect for the economic state of the US at the time, the Stroud piano price point was on-par with what most Americans could afford. After the Great Depression hit in 1929, Aeolian began building small upright and baby grand pianos under the Stroud brand name. 

Restoring a Stroud Piano

To discuss the restoration process for your Stroud piano, contact us today! We can help you understand the start-to-finish steps of a restoration project and estimate the increase in the value of your restored Stroud piano. 


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