Phillip H. Norris

East Blue Hill, ME | Dec 5, 2009 | 1907 Mason and Hamlin A

Letter from Phillip H. Norris

Dear Paul and Todd,
I am a technician in Blue Hill Maine and yesterday I had the pleasure of tuning the 1907 Mason and Hamlin that you rebuilt for Alden Monberg of Castine. Alden has a modern home and has the piano in a room with a vaulted ceiling. The acoustics are very good. And so this was the setting of my first tuning on this piano. Wow! This is a very exciting piano. I looked hard to find any faults with your work, but I couldn't find any. As far as I could tell the job was flawless.
And the tuning...the piano obviously has not stabilized from the rebuild and the movements between Maine and NJ but the tuning was really not bad when I walked in the door. I spent two hours tuning this piano and in that time I was able to learn some of the quirks of this piano and to see how the previous tuner had dealt with them. I remarked to Alden that the previous tuner and I had agreed on every score.
So the purpose of the letter is nothing more than to say Congratulations on a job well don. I have been thing in coastal Maine for 25 years and never have I seen a better job.