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Lindeblad connects music lovers with their dream pianos, supported by 100-year-old roots and world-class Steinway restoration capabilities.

Lindeblad connects music lovers with their dream pianos, supported by 100-year-old roots and world-class Steinway restoration capabilities.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We’re confident you’ll be delighted with your Steinway. If not, we will give you your money back.

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Our family business has a century-long track of excellence in Steinway sales and restoration.
Three black and white photos from the 1800s showing Steinway & Sons hall, factory, and a newspaper calling Steinway the instrument of the immortals

The Steinway Dilemma

Steinway piano with a cross section cut out revealing the inner parts of the Steinway piano, which are all labeled.

Steinway pianos are beautiful, brilliant instruments that have defined the industry standard for 170 years. The new ones are priced accordingly ($86,600 - $433,900 in 2023).

But here’s the thing: Steinway has been making world-class pianos for well over a century, which means thumbing through this year’s catalog isn’t the only way to find one—and in fact, a used or properly restored Steinway can rank among the finest instruments on earth.

It’s within your grasp to own a restored Steinway that’s every bit as exceptional as a brand new instrument—and perhaps even more so—while saving tens of thousands in the process. But you need a restoration partner you can trust to treat your Steinway with the care and craftsmanship it deserves.

That partner is Lindeblad.

Master craftsman with decades of experience, precise part dimensions, and quality part materials are what make a Steinway authentic.

Stein-was? Not with Lindeblad

How can you trust that a Lindeblad restored Steinway is still authentic? It’s an important question because it’s true that poor craftsmanship or inferior parts can harm a previously great piano. And considering Steinway’s claim that a Steinway piano isn’t authentic unless they restore it themselves at their facility in Iowa, it’s natural to feel nervous.

Lindeblad’s Steinway restorations are of unmatched quality compared to anyone else. We debunk the myth that only Steinway can restore Steinways and explain our process in our Steinway Buyer’s Guide, or over the phone ––just give us a call at 888-587-4266.


A partner you can trust with making your dream Steinway a reality.

With its team of highly trained Steinway specialists, a network of top Steinway parts suppliers, and a first-class restoration facility, Lindeblad is one of just a few companies in the world capable of truly premium Steinway restoration
2,000 steinway Customers We’ve restored and sold more than 2,000 Steinways
300 years Our 25 craftsmen have more than 300 years’ experience, including more than 50 years’ experience working at Steinway
370+ Five-Star Reviews More than 370 five-star Google reviews, with an overall five-star rating
Steinway-trained Every Lindeblad department includes at least one Steinway-trained craftsman within our 25k square-foot factory
Premium Parts Premium parts purchased directly from Steinway and its suppliers

Trusted by Thousands of Steinway Owners

Professionals from all over the world trust Lindeblad Professionals from all over the world trust Lindeblad
Wax seal with Lindeblad Piano Restoration's logo symbolizing care and professionalism.

Our Peace-of-Mind Promise

We take the risk out of a big decision.
Track record of excellence
As a century-old family business, we have the skill and commitment to ensure your piano gets the attention it deserves.
30-day Money Back guarantee
We’re confident you’ll be delighted with your piano. If not, we’ll pick up the piano and give you a full refund.
Warranteed work
Trust your piano’s longevity with our industry-leading 5–20 year warranties.
Free piano shipping
Remove the stress of piano transportation with our free and professional piano delivery services anywhere in the nation.
Post Delivery Check-in
After your piano arrives, we’ll pay for a professional piano technician to tune and inspect your piano to ensure your complete satisfaction.
Lifetime trade-in
Our lifetime trade-in policy means you’re never stuck if you change your mind. You can swap your purchased piano for any Lindeblad piano in the future with the full price applied.

3 Steps to your Steinway

Find your dream piano, risk-free
High-gloss black Steinway Grand piano with a wood tone finish on the inner rim and underneath the lid.

1. Select

Pick your piano with confidence
Video thumbnail showing the first step in the Lindeblad restoration process: The Discovery.
Tell us about your needs and preferences, so we can identify a selection of potential pianos that’s just right for you. We’ll also walk through our warranty and financing options, and if your piano is already on our showroom floor, we’ll start making arrangements for delivery using our in-house professional piano movers.

2. Connect

A front-row seat for a world-class restoration
Video thumbnail of the second step in the Lindeblad restoration process: The Restoration
If you select a Steinway piano in need of restoration, we’ll discuss your customization preferences before our expert team gets to work elevating your piano to its full potential. You can choose your piano's color, finish, touch, tone, action parts, and even install a piano player system among many other options. If you like, a professional pianist can demonstrate your piano’s touch and tone or you can come to our facility to further align the piano to your preferences.

3. Deliver

Just the way you want it
Video thumbnail of the third step in the Lindeblad restoration process: The Delivery.
We’ll deliver the piano to your home—anywhere in the world—and our team will ensure that it’s set up just where you want it. Then we’ll have an expert technician visit your home to tune the piano. We’re always just a call away, ready to ensure that you love your new piano.

Your Steinway Purchasing Options

iPad showing extensive piano inventory with brands like Steinway, Bechstein, Bosendorfer, and Mason & Hamlin.

Browse Our Inventory

Over 100 pre-owned, vintage and restored Steinway pianos in a variety of models, styles, and finishes.
Multi-color piano representing unlimited refinishing and customization options with Lindeblad Piano

Infinite Possibilities

Design a custom finish for your piano using our real-time visualization tool.
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Transform Any Steinway Into a Player Piano

From classical to pop, have any song played by a professional at the snap of your fingers.

The Steinway experience you’ve been missing

Unlock the creative spark and inspiration you crave
Touch and tone matched to your taste and playing style
Restoration overseen by a world-class team that guarantees its work
Timeless instruments, each with a unique story

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Yes, even there.

We’ll deliver your piano to your home no matter where in the world you live—and if you’re in the continental U.S., there’s no charge for the service.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I still work with Lindeblad if I don't live nearby?

Yes. We have thousands of customers from all over the world, most never step foot in our showroom. While we would love to have you visit us in person, our piano experts are great at working with you online and over the phone to make sure you get exactly what you want. We have our own team, trucks and equipment that specialize in the delicate work of moving pianos so you don't have to worry about it. We also have a 30 day money-back guarantee.

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Who handles the shipping?

We handle all of the shipping logistics for your piano restoration or purchase. Through our network of specially trained piano movers, we coordinate the pickup and delivery of pianos all over the world, every day. Additionally, once delivered we will have your piano tuned by a local professional.

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How does your lifetime trade-in policy work?

When you buy a restored piano from Lindeblad you can, at any time in the future, exchange that piano for another of our pianos and apply the full price you paid to the exchange.


What parts do you use when restoring a piano?

We use only the world's finest parts. We typically offer parts from the original manufacturer like Steinway New York, Steinway Hamburg, Bosendorfer, and Mason & Hamlin, but we will tailor the restoration to your requirements. If alternate parts will serve your needs better, we are happy to use them.

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Do you replace soundboards?

Yes. Our soundboards are hand-crafted to original specifications using traditional methods. We use the same Alaskan Sitka Spruce from the same suppliers as Steinway.

Thanks to the quality of wood and hand craftsmanship that was used in the making of early century pianos, many soundboards we encounter are still in excellent condition, or need only minor cosmetic repairs.

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What is your warranty?

All of our pianos have a five-year soundboard warranty and a twenty-year warranty on all parts we've replaced or certified. We provide a written warranty specific for each customer so that you have the chance to examine the terms in detail.


I am looking for a particular piano that you do not have in stock, can you find it for me?

Yes. If we do not have exactly what you are looking for in our inventory, our piano buying team will find it and we will restore it to your specifications.

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Most of your pianos are unrestored. What if I don't like it anymore once it is restored?

Our No-Risk Restoration has you covered. When you select an unrestored piano, we will work with you to customize the restoration and then provide you with an itemized quote for the cost of that restoration. We ask you to pay one-half of the cost upfront as a fully refundable deposit. When the restoration is complete, you pay the remaining balance and we ship the piano. At that point you have 30 days to play the piano and make sure it is perfect. If you are not satisfied, simply let us know, and we will pick up the piano and give you a full refund.

Vintage vs. New

Are vintage pianos better than newer pianos?

Among high end brands, such as Steinway, there are qualitative differences in how pianos are made. Different materials and production techniques are employed during manufacturing. Subjectively, many people prefer the sound of restored vintage high end pianos over new high end models, but both enjoy excellent build quality. Typically the style and price will be the deciding factors in choosing between these options.

With second tier piano brands, a restored piano is often the better choice. A hand-made vintage era (early 20th century) Mason & Hamlin, Chickering, or Knabe piano that has been fully restored will be of significantly higher quality than any mass produced piano on the market today, and cost about the same amount of money.

Your Steinway is just a call away.

Your journey starts with a conversation: a chat with a Lindeblad expert who will learn your needs and preferences to help identify your dream piano, which may already be sitting at our showroom or factory. We’ll also walk through our process and warranty so you can be confident that your piano purchase will end in success.

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