Nancy Baton

Westfield, NJ | May 22, 2003 | 1925 Sohmer

Letter from Nancy Baton

Dear Mr. Lindeblad:
For the past twenty years, my husband has longest for a baby grand piano. As luck would have it, a local elderly gentleman was selling the contents of his home, including a Sohmer baby grand built in 1925. My husband Bill played the piano, purchased it, and had it delivered to our home. Although impressed by the shape of the cabinet, I was rather shocked at the condition of the instrument. The cabinet was scratched and lacked luster, and was finished in a mediocre wood tone; the soundboard was in good condition, but the ivory keys were yellowed, the piano's felts were worn down and it was badly in need of a tuning, and the pedals needed to be repaired. Bill's elation was tempered by my horror as to how this piano could possibly ever look like it belonged in our home.
How fortuitous that we located your business on the Internet! Having read letters from your satisfied customers, we arranged for the piano to be picked up by your company and several weeks later, we drove to Pinebrook to discuss our options. I was not only impressed by the work you have meticulously done on the other pianos in your beautiful showroom, but also by the several hours you spent with us explaining each phase of the restorative process. Although in the end we decided to have the piano completely refurbished, I appreciated the fact that you did not push us in any one direction, but rather offered us many options to fit within our budget.
When the piano was completely restored, your fine team of movers delivered it and set it up exactly where I wanted it. It is not only the most beautiful piece of furniture we own, but also a magnificent instrument with an incredible sound that we enjoy on a daily basis. The gorgeous finish and detailing you painstakingly performed are amazing; in fact, my parents could not believe that this was the same instrument we had originally purchased. I appreciated your thoughtful visit to our home as the men set up the piano, and your calls and promise to be of future service if needed. You are a true craftsman who has given us an heirloom to enjoy for many more years. It was our pleasure to do business with you, and we would be happy to offer our highest recommendation to your future customers. Thank you for everything!
Nancy Baton