Mark and Janelle Farrell

Wadsworth, OH | Apr 12, 2010 | 1942 Steinway S

Letter from Mark and Janelle Farrell

Dear Paul and Todd,
I received the piano on Friday morning. The movers were at the house when I arrived. This was perfect as I had a very busy day scheduled. They were very professional and took great care with moving it in and setting it up. They even offered suggestions on how to place it in the room. The whole process couldn't have taken more than half an hour. This was good because I couldn't wait to check it out and play a little.
I have to tell you, your workmanship was excellent. The piano looked like new and played with the distinct Steinway tone that I honestly hadn't heard in years. I played and looked and played some more, quite taken by how perfect it looked and sounded. Finally, it dawned on me to open the lid and look inside. What a surprise! I teared up looking at how beautiful it was. My wife was out of town visiting our daughter and I immediately took pictures and sent them to her. She had the same reaction, after seeing it only on her phone. She comes home tomorrow and I can't wait to see her expression when she actually gets to see the fine work that you have done. I know she'll be over-whelmed.
As previously mentioned, this piano was gifted to us by her father who has since passed away. We can't tell you how meaningful it is for both of us that you were able to restore it to near original condition. Rest assured your work will be appreciated by our entire family and likely by generation to come. Special thanks for your flexibility on timing and scheduling of the repairs. I hope by now you have received final payment. Please advise if not. Also, I was leaving the house to return to work, the door bell rand and a smiling delivery guy presented me with an edible arrangement from you folks. Thanks very much. Since my wife was away, this gift served to supplement my otherwise poor dining selections. Again, your thoughtfulness is very much appreciated.
We won't hesitate to recommend your services if ever the opportunity presents and you can count on us should you ever need references.
Warm regards and many thanks again,
Mark and Janelle Farrell