Hart Huschens

NJ | Nov 30, 1993 | Mason and Hamlin

Letter from Hart Huschens

Dear Paul,
Just a word to let you know how the Mason and Hamlin Grand Piano which you restored turned out.
When I first saw the piano in its original condition, I began to realize what it must take to restore a piano both in terms of time and effort. What felt, sounded and looked like a beat-up instrument, turned out to be one with a magnificent tone and touch, and which a fine mahogany finish. The action, formerly sluggish and worn, now is beautiful; it is responsive, even and adjusted well for my touch. The instrument is capable of literally singing from the most winsome pianissimo to respectable forte, with awesome bass and a delicate top. The original ivory keys give me a feel of control, something modern pianos with their plastic keys are lacking.
I only wish I had a more spacious room into which to place this outstanding instrument.
Thank you for making yourself available when needed for some adjustments and fine-tuning.
I will, as I have in the past, recommend your services to anyone looking for an older quality but well-restored instrument.
Hart Huschens