Don Scafari

Mansfield, NJ | Mar 29, 1996 | 1916 Steinway M

Letter from Don Scafari

Dear Paul:
It's almost a year now since you delivered my eagerly-awaited 1916 Steinway Model M. I purposely waited this long before expressing my official reaction to the piano and the whole process of working with you. I felt I needed to live with the instrument awhile to be the most objective.
Well, the verdict after a year is that I love the instrument now more than ever. It has become a constant source of joy and satisfaction, both visually and aurally. The beautiful refinishing of the case, harp, and keyboard was the work of a true craftsman. The full, mellow sound and even action are superb. Everything underscores your uncompromising attention to detail.
From the first time (in November 1994) that Alison and I visited your showroom, I realized you were someone who took great pride in your craft. I already knew of the Lindeblad family tradition, and your dedication to that tradition was immediately obvious. I especially appreciated your thoroughness and patience in addressing my many questions and concerns. These were big factors in my eventual decision; but the true test, of course, lies in the instruments themselves. And yours were exceptional! During this period, I was also playing Steinway M's that were rebuilt by others local and out-of-state. But I kept coming back to yours.
I doubt that my piano skills will ever do this instrument justice, but I thank you for helping to make an important dream of mine a reality.
Don Scafari