David Miller

South Charleston, WV | Dec 18, 2007 | 1967 Chickering

Letter from David Miller

Dear Todd Lindeblad (and Paul Lindeblad):
The Lindeblad Piano Restoration Company took my tired, worn-out 1967 Chickering Grand Piano and promised to restore it to a better-than-new condition. I didn't believe that this was possible...better-than-new condition--but it's true, because of better modern materials, such as strings and pin locks, etc. My 40 year old Chickering had plenty of war-wounds and signs of old age--nicks, starches, gouges, tarnished and rusted metal, worn out felts, noisy and misaligned keyboard, rusted and dull strings, the finish totally gone from the lid, deep stains on the soundboard and the lid--and now after their complete restoration, it truly is better than brand new. Their meticulous craftsmanship, both visually and surreally, is simply amazing, beyond all my expectations. Everything about the piano sparkles like a brand new piano right off the showroom floor. And the sound is just magnificent--better than it had sounded in nearly 40 years! And with the action totally regulated, what a real joy it is to play. I corresponded with the Lindeblad family for nearly eight months via email and telephone, before deciding to embark on this total restoration process, and they were always cordial, professional, and personal, and showed a sincere commitment to making me happy with the promised results, and so I put my full trust in them. And they indeed delivered on those promises, giving me the piano I never even thought possible, better than when it was new, 40 years aho. They promised to restore my Chickering to its former glory and I believe they even surpassed that promise. I couldn't be happier--it's a dream come true.
David Miller.