Cleveland Institute of Music

Cleveland, OH | Dec 11, 2019 |

We were given a really generous gift and we wanted to honor that gift by helping the funds go as far as they could. So we reached out to you and talk about the possibility of getting pianos relocated to Cleveland to meet our students' needs, and that began a journey of a relationship that led to the eight pianos being delivered here.We are gathered here today to celebrate an extraordinary gift from the Albert M Higley Company. I want to make sure we welcome our trustees with us, our faculty and our new colleague Paul Lindeblad, Todd Lindeblad and Chad Tomlin from the Lindeblad Piano Restoration Company. These fine men were the geniuses, restored them to perfect condition and personally delivered them to us.This is a premier school of music and as soon as we get done with the ceremony today, they will be put into practice rooms and those students who are piano majors will start practicing on them. We calculated it will be about 48,000 hours of practice on these pianos in the next school year.We're a small, nimble school. We want to work with businesses that have the same kind of approach to their business. From our first contact with you, you were responsive. You listened to what our needs were. You've been extraordinarily generous in both time and your resources, and in the end, you deliver the pianos that we so desperately needed.From our standpoint, it was everything we would want as a customer.