Alan H. Fox

Saddle Brook, NJ | Jun 28, 1995 | 1923 Steinway O

Letter from Alan H. Fox

Dear Paul,
I am writing to thank you for my beautiful 1923 mahogany Steinway Model O piano which served to fulfill a dream which I have had since boyhood. In choosing to have you refinish a piano for me, I followed an instinct that you were an honest person who took great pride in and had tremendous knowledge of your work, which qualities I knew would provide me with exactly what I was looking for. I am happy to report that my instincts proved to be 100% accurate and that the final product exceeded my expectations at a fair price (which I can attest to after having done extensive research prior to choosing you). I felt you were someone I could communicate with and who cared about what I wanted, and to the extent of any miscommunication we were able to resolve such amicably.
I should relate to you that I tell a story about you to others that evidenced to me a number of qualities that cause me to recommend you to anyone without reservation. Though I'm sure this is something that you took no note of, you travelled all the way up to Albany to find what eventually became my piano after having already spent a good amount of time searching for me. Unexpectedly, you called me at work and excitedly proceeded to hit various notes on the piano and then hold the phone near the piano so that I could hear the tone quality and the sustain of the notes, as you were thrilled with your find. It reminded me of the enthusiastic parent who puts their young child on the phone.
This enthusiasm and willingness to go out of your way for even a prospective client (which I was at the time) served me well and I know would serve others well also.
The sound and beauty of my piano draw rave reviews from all.
Thank you.
Very truly yours,
Alan Fox