Making a house a home is a process that evolves over time as styles change and rooms are repurposed. Decorating is a big part of this process as you begin to define how spaces will be used and what design elements to choose.

For piano owners, deciding how to decorate around your prized instrument can be tricky. We break it down into a 2-step process and give some tips and examples of our favorite decorated spaces with pianos.

Step 1: Deciding Where You Want Your Piano To Go

While it may seem obvious, this is an important first step. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself in deciding stylistic elements like room color, additional furniture and accessories, but it is critical to first define where you want your piano to go in a room or open space.

Consider some of the following tips to guide your decision:

1)    Climate control and sun exposure

2)    Foot traffic and visitors

3)    Accessibility for moving and cleaning

4)    Ambiance and mood

First, think about whether the room you’re considering has morning or afternoon sun exposure or a combination of both. If a particular space has a wide temperature spectrum based on the time or day or year, this may not be the best place for a piano. Not only can sound quality and tone be affected, but also the exterior finish can discolor and more frequent tunings may be necessary.

1 – Rita Chan Interiors

2 – Christmas 365

3 – Apartment Therapy

Second, think about the amount of foot traffic that passes by your piano, if it’s going to live near the front door, in a common area or hallway. While this may not bother some owners, others prefer to protect their instruments from visitors’ finger smudges and the spontaneous debut of chopsticks from a dinner guest.

1 – Little Piece of Me

2 – BHG

3 – Blair Harris Interior Design

Third, consider how easily a piano can be moved in and out of a space. Ideally, the placement of a piano in a house is permanent, without much moving or shifting. That said, pianos, like all other surfaces, will collect dust and need to be easily accessed for regular cleaning, tuning and general upkeep.

1 – Cup of Jo

2 – Zhush

3 – Pinterest

Fourth and final, before you can begin decorating around your piano, think about the general ambiance and mood of a given space. While practicality is important, it is equally valuable to consider how enjoyable a space is going to be when playing or listening to the beautiful sound of your instrument. Consider spaces with natural lighting or windows with a view, and try to strike a balance between cozy and spacious.

1 – Studio McGee

2 – From the Right Bank

3 – The Design Files

Step 2: Decorating Around Your Piano For a Given Space

Once you’ve narrowed down the possibilities of where to put your piano, it’s time to begin considering how to decorate around it. This can be a daunting task based on whether you want your piano to be the centerpiece of the room or simply blend into the background.

Regardless of what you decide, here are some of our favorite decorating styles and tips for rooms with pianos:

1)    Set up a concert space

2)    Play with colors

3)    Keep it simple and sleek

4)    Display your trinkets

First, based on how you intend to enjoy your piano, you may decide to create a space that lends itself to in-home concerts. With an open space and lots of places for sitting, you could position your piano as the center stage. Or maybe you’re a troubadour and have other instruments you enjoy playing along with your piano. We think the concept of creating a concert space or music room is a unique way to decorate around your piano.

1 – Design Mom

2 – Domino

3 – Sharon Mimran

Second, in more eclectic apartments and homes, pianos can be used for playing with color combinations. While one approach may be to use the piano as a bold color contrast or statement piece, others may opt for keeping things monochrome. This creates an interesting, sensory atmosphere for enjoying the music of your beloved instrument.

1 – Agent Bauer

2 – Your Home Based Mom

3 – Jones Design Company

Third, nothing beats “simple and sleek,” in our opinion. With a grand or upright piano centered in a space or along a wall with little competition or interruption, the music can speak for itself. This approach to decorating around your piano keeps the accessories at a minimum, colors basic and surrounding furniture selection subtle and complimentary.

1 – Bo-Bedre

2 – Blair Harris Interior Design

3 – BHG

Fourth, a complete contrast from the simplicity approach is using your piano as a way to display trinkets and accessories. Decorating your piano area with books, vases, and plants, for example, creates a styled look in a room. Many people even use their piano as a secondary mantel, to display seasonal décor. It is also a great way to showcase your particular decorating preferences, using your piano as simply another piece of a larger design.

1 – I Heart Naptime

2  – AKA Design

3 – fijn in huis

What helpful piano decorating tips have you used? Share them in the comments below!