When three-time Grammy nominee Eric Adcock set out to invest in his own Steinway piano, he knew he was looking at a detailed process ahead. 

Adcock used to sell high-end pianos himself, so he understood the work that went into restoring and building quality parts for the instruments. His music expertise coupled with his knowledge of the instrument helped inform his decision and ensured that his expectations for excellence were high. 

With his sights set on restoring a vintage Steinway Grand, Adcock researched several piano restoration companies for years before settling on Lindeblad. He reached out to former customers and spoke with our owners to determine that we restored our Steinways to the specific tone and quality of any Steinway & Sons-owned instrument. 

Using the help of our team, Adcock was delivered a piano with the look and feel tailored to his exact specifications. 

Watch Eric’s full testimonial below, and check out our testimonials page for more. 

Eric Adcock's Testimonial