<span>2020</span> Steinway M

2020 Steinway M

Lindeblad Certified $78,000

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Lindeblad Certified

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We tailor every restoration to meet your needs

The final price will depend on the acquisition cost of the piano and the scope of the custom restoration. Our experts will tailor the restoration to your expectations. Whether it be a beautiful and rarely played piano, a practice piano for your family, or a performance level instrument that needs to look and sound perfect, or anywhere in between. Please contact us to discuss the different options and what the price will be for this piano.

Sample Breakdown of Restoration Costs

Base Price
This is the cost of the piano in it's current "as-is" state.

Mechanical Restoration
This may include things like adjustment of the keyboard, repairing or replacing the action, installing new strings, or rebuilding the pedals. See our "recommended options" for this piano below.

Soundboard Restoration
The soundboards of some pianos in our inventory require repair or replacement. See the results of our "Soundboard Analysis" for this piano below.

Cabinet Refinishing
Whether simply matching your décor, choosing from a set of color samples, or choosing not to refinish it, we can repair and refinish this piano to your preferences.

A humidity control system and/or player system can easily be installed during the restoration. These options cost very little but add great value to the piano.

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Monthly payment plans available ranging from 6 months to 120 months.

We are proud to offer a meticulously maintained, pre-loved 2020 Steinway Model M for an unbeatable price of $78,000, a significant saving from the $93,000 cost of a new one.

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Steinway pianos are renowned for their rich, resonant sound and the remarkable craftsmanship that goes into each instrument. The 2020 Model M is no exception. This "medium grand" piano effortlessly balances compact size with the resonant sound and responsive touch that Steinway is famous for. It's perfect for both professional performance and personal enjoyment, fitting easily into living rooms, music studios, or small performance venues.

So why choose our 2020 Steinway Model M over a new one?

Superior Value: This is a nearly new Steinway, with all the quality, prestige, and performance of a brand-new instrument, but at a significantly reduced price.

Extended Warranty: We understand that buying a used piano might feel like a risk. This is why we offer an extended warranty of 10 years – that’s 5 years more than a new Steinway. This reassures you that your investment is protected, and we stand behind the quality of our instrument.

Detailed Inspection: Our team of skilled craftsmen have thoroughly examined and adjusted this piano to ensure it meets Steinway's exacting standards. From the action to the soundboard, every component of this piano has been carefully inspected and adjusted for optimal performance.

Risk-Free Purchase: With our 30-day money-back guarantee, you can take the time to truly get to know your new Steinway. Play it, love it, live with it. And if for any reason it doesn't feel like the right fit, you can return it for a full refund.

Free Delivery: Our commitment to your satisfaction extends beyond the sale. We will deliver your piano to your doorstep free of charge in the 48 contiguous US, ensuring that it arrives safely and is set up correctly in its new home.

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Serial #:611574 Length: 5'7"
Veneer:Ebony Style:Traditional

Available to ship in24 Hours

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The following restoration work has already been completed on this piano:

  • Action Regulated
Finest Quality Sound Boards

Expert analysis of this piano's soundboard:

This original soundboard is in great condition.  The crown is strong, and the board will serve perfectly with some minor refinishing. 

A new soundboard has been installed.  Learn more about our custom soundboards here

This soundboard is in good condition and we recommend restoring the original soundboard. 

The original soundboard has been restored and is now in excellent condition. 

We recommend that this soundboard be replaced with a hand-crafted spruce soundboard.  Learn more about our soundboards here

The original soundboard is in excellent condition. 

Player Piano

Player Piano System Installation

Select from the leading manufacturers of player piano systems which integrate full orchestration sound, apps for simple remote control, and the ability to record and playback performances.

Custom Action

Custom Action

If you prefer a 'light' or 'heavy' touch, a 'bright' or 'mellow' sound, modern manufacturer recommended parts or parts built to historic specifications, we will create the action you prefer.

Custom Action

Humidity Control

Maintaining proper humidity is critical to the well-being of your fine instrument. Protect it with the industry leading Dampp-Chaser Piano Life Saver which monitors the piano’s humidity levels and maintains an ideal 42% relative humidity.

Wood Stains

Stains & Finishes

The look of a piano is one of its most important attributes. Once stripped to the original unfinished wood veneer, the choices are limitless. Select from a wide variety of stain colors, or we can mix a custom color. Once stained, layers of lacquer are slowly applied to create your desired finish, from open-pore to closed-pore. Finally, the lacquer is painstakingly hand-rubbed to create a satin, or high-gloss polish.

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Once your piano is delivered, we give you 30 days to play it and make sure everything is exactly as you wish. If not, simply let us know, and we will pick up the piano and give you a full refund. Additionally, when you buy a restored piano from Lindeblad you can, at any time in the future, exchange that piano for another of our pianos and apply the full price you paid to the exchange.

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