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Wendell and Lynda Wilkinson

Pittsburg, KS | Sep 8, 2008 | 1917 Steinway O

Letter from Wendell and Lynda Wilkinson

Dear Paul:
When my grandmother passed away, I inherited her 1917 Steinway. I felt honored that my father chose me to receive this beautify family heirloom, since my two siblings played it while visiting grandma and my father grew up playing the instrument. To our surprise, we found the original bill of sale and a letter from Jenkins and Sons Music Store in Kansas City, Missouri, when my great grandfather purchased it for my grandmother's 7th birthday. It is framed and sits on a table by the piano.
For years we wanted to have the piano resorted. Living in a small Midwest town in Kansas, our exposure to piano restoration is limited. Occasionally we would inquire about companies and referrals but struggled to find a company we felt 100% comfortable with the quality of their work and also the thought of shipping it a thousand miles away was not very appealing. We stumbled upon the Lindeblad's on the internet at After reviewing the website and several telephone conversations with Todd and yourself, we were convince to entrust our piano to them.
Once the piano arrived at Lindeblad, we were impressed with your compassion and understanding our desire to keep as much of the instrument in its original state. Other restoration companies were eager to replace our original ivory keys with plastic even without seeing our piano and finish the cabinet in a different color instead of returning it to its original black satin luster. You wanted to hear the story of the history of our piano and understood the sentimental value we place on this instrument.
The Lindeblad's have done an exceptional job in restoring our Steinway parlor grand as if it were your own family heirloom. We have a busy family and sometimes over the years I haven't taken the time to play the piano as much as I would like to. Now I am excited about playing everyday. Thank you for bringing beautiful music back to our home. I know my grandmother is smiling down from heaven above and enjoying your fine craftsmanship.
Yours truly,
Wendell and Lynda Wilkinson

Win a Steinway Grand Worth $50,000 & $10,000 Cash

Win a Steinway Grand Worth $50,000 &
$10,000 Cash

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