Vern L. Holman

Newport News, VA | Aug 3, 2009 | Baldwin

Letter from Vern L. Holman

Hello Todd,
I have been remiss in getting back to you concerning the Baldwin Grand, Model L. Todd, It's beautiful...your family did a great job in restoring everything on the grand. When it was delivered three weeks ago today, to The Chesapeake Retirement Community, we had a little concert by one of our music Phd's, for about forty five minutes. The tone of the grand is terrific, and everyone remarks about how good it sounds.
I had a friend of mine touch up the tuning...which was a very minor requirement. My friends and his family have been in the music business since 1945...he rebuilds pianos and organs, and has tuned for many of the notables such as, Rodger Williams, Arthur Fiedler, Peter Nero, Ferrante & Teicher, and many others. He has many letters of commendation from the various artists.
We had a concert here last Thursday afternoon, by Thomas Pandolfi...he gave the Baldwin a good work our with three works of: Liszt, two of Chopin, and a few others such as Gershwin, and Andrew Lloyd Webber.
Everyone here raved about the good tone of the piano...I'm very pleased with everything and I shall keep the Lindeblad name alive around here.
I thank you and your family for the good service I have received from Lindeblad Restorations.
Vern Holman