Tony Villa

Far Hills, NJ | Nov 30, 1999 | Mason and Hamlin

Letter from Tony Villa

Dear Paul,
Just a note to say how much I am enjoying the Mason Hamlin. I can't tell you how long I have waited to trade up to such a grown up instrument. Now that it is ensconced in our ballroom it is hard to believe that I actually own it.
The piano has several outstanding features: first, it wasn't until I had played it for several hours that I could appreciate how silky smooth the action is, second, the more I play the more I realize how much I enjoy the Mason's big, warm middle register and overall tone. In truth, I had never thought of looking at this make of piano and had always imagined myself owning a Steinway rather than some other name. I have taken some time to examine the details that you pointed our to me when I first looked at the piano in your workshop and take some pleasure in showing them off to interested visitors.
Best of all, I am inspired to play regularly again and to make an effort to sit down for at least a few songs every night before going to bed. Thank you for helping to bring this hobby of mine back to life.
With best wishes,
Tony Villa