Timothy I. Duffy

Califon, NJ | Nov 30, 1993 | Steinway M

Letter from Timothy I. Duffy

Dear Paul,
This letter is intended to thank you for the outstanding restoration which you did on my Steinway. As only you and I can appreciate, the transformation (both case and works) is incredible and, indeed, beyond my expectations. At the outset, you stated that I would barely recognize this piano upon your completion of the restoration. You certainly have been true to your word. I commend you on a restoration which has practically brought this piano of eight or so decades back to its original condition.
As far as the case goes, this piano is truly the most spectacular piece of furniture in my house. The color of the stain and the finish are absolutely perfect.
The attention given by you to other details is also noteworthy. In particular, I am also especially grateful for the manner in which you restored the keyboard. I recognize that finding ivories to do so and you clearly followed through on that promise. Likewise, the care given to the restoration of the pedals and the repainting and relettering of the harp show the level of commitment that you bring to a project such as this.
Most importantly, the sound of this piano is outstanding. Although my background and technical knowledge relating to the mechanics of the piano's operation are limited, it is clear to a layman that your work on this aspect of the restoration was also exception. Since its delivery, you have been the recipient of more compliments than you can imagine.
I have enclosed several photos of this piano in its restored condition for your files. If I may ever serve as a reference and recommendation for the quality of your work, your attention to detail and your commitment to maintaining the originality of a piece, please of not hesitate to give my name to your clients. Better yet, if anyone has an interest in seeing and playing my piano, please have them call me.
Many thanks for a job well done.
Very truly yours,
Timothy Duffy