Sue Marsh

Travelers Rest, SC | Dec 11, 2012 | 1949 Steinway S

Letter from Sue Marsh

Dear Todd, Paul, and Rob,
To say that Kevin and I are particular, even picky, when it comes to major purchases would be an understatement. Therefore, when we began the process of searching for a Steinway baby grand, I spent hours online researching various dealers. When I happened upon the Lindeblad site I was impressed first by the appearance of the site and then, as I explored it more thoroughly, by the vast amount of information it contained. Everything I could possibly need to know about purchasing a piano for restoration was most thoroughly covered in the various sections of your website.
The fact that Lindeblad is a family business that has been passed down for generations gave us confidence that you know your craft and are going to be around for years to come. The before and after photos of pianos you have restored let us see the quality of your work and know that the piano we chose would be professionally and beautifully brought back to perfect condition. The video testimonials also contributed to our decision to go with Lindeblad. That many satisfied customers, thrilled with their pianos, couldn't be wrong!
If, after poring over the website, we still hadn't been convinced, the company's customer service would have been the clincher. From the first email enquiry and subsequent conversations with Todd, through conversations with Paul during the restoration process and with Rob for setting up delivery, Lindeblad's customer service was absolutely stellar. Every phone call was answered by a person, not a recording, and my questions were handled with respect and a warm friendliness rarely seen in businesses these days. Talking to Paul was always a delight and simply served to confirm that we'd chosen the perfect restorers.
When our piano was delivered, one of the movers asked how we were able to feel comfortable making such an important purchase virtually sight unseen. I was able to answer with conviction that we never had a single doubt or misgiving throughout the entire process. Coming from probably the two pickiest people in the country, that's definitely a ringing endorsement for Lindeblad!
Thanks to all of you for making this one of the smoothest and most enjoyable purchases we've ever made. Our piano exceeds all our expectations!
Sue Marsh
Travelers Rest, SC