Stephen Lyttleton

Cypress, TX | Jun 23, 2012 | 1905 Steinway A

There's plenty of places in Houston that sell pianos. There are several that have good inventory and knowledgeable people, true. But one of the things I wanted to do was to go right to someone who did the restoration, and not just the sales team. Those who have actually done the restoration and to the quality that Lindeblad does is very helpful.

Doing research, I came across Lindeblad, and did a lot of looking to their background, and felt really comfortable with a major purchase like this. I got to talking with the team there, and they made it a really easy process. They spent a lot of time with me, which made me feel really comfortable in what I was buying, gave me a lot of background.

The Louis XV Steinway was what I wanted, what I thought would fit in with what I was doing here at home. I had lots of questions. They were always very helpful, having been recommended in other publications. And, you know, the length of time that they'd been around was very important. It made me feel comfortable with a major purchase on a long distance.

Very nice guys that delivered it. They did a great job bringing it in. The way they had these things tied up, passes, the way they moved it, gave me a lot of comfort in the fact that this was well taken care of along the way. I would say, talk to Todd and talk to Paul. I think, once you get to know them, even over the phone, you understand that these folks know what they're doing.

They've got an impeccable reputation. I never felt like I was being sold a piano. I really worked with them to find a piano that worked for me. I really got the sense that what Paul wanted was to have this piano find a happy home. It's not just a piano that has just come out of China. It's one that's been around. It was made in New York.

A long time ago, the piano tuner that came and tuned it when it got here, he was very impressed. He could tell that it was restored by someone took a lot of care. That made me feel good that I got an objective opinion on the quality. Buying long distance is a little easier these days. Despite the distance, it seemed like they were right around the corner.